C4 – The Library Channel

Available on Comcast Channel 4 and ATT/Uverse Channel 99                                                             Production Request Form

Located on the second floor of the Rome/Floyd County Library.
The Library Channel presents shows available for viewing on Comcast Channel 4.
In addition to original shows The Library Channel (Comcast channel 4 and ATT/Uverse Channel 99) airs the public meetings of
the Rome City Commission, Floyd County Commission,
Floyd County Board of Education and Rome City School Boards meetings.

Floyd County Commission meetings can be viewed/downloaded here

State park videos can be found here

Past videos can be found in here the Library Channel Archive

*Some videos are large files and will take time to play/download*

SPLOST update 
Clocktower Garden Dedication
Rome/Floyd SPLOST 2019
National Guard/Score Atlanta
Shannon Memorial Day Dedication
Rome Tennis Center Insights

C-4 the Library channel requirements for airing programming or PowerPoint On Rome’s Education and Government channel Comcast channel 4
1. Programs and power point slides will be of local government meetings , governmental community interest or information
2. Be a 501-c-3 non profit organization or a for profit company donating proceeds from an event to a 501-c-3 organization in any case the only time for profit companies can be mentioned is as a sponsor for a non-profit event.,e.g., we would like to thank (Local Business) for being a sponsor for our event.

The Library Channel does not accept commercials, infomercials or advertising in any way nor do we offer production assistance for any program that does not meet the requirements of items listed above.