Friends of the Library

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The Friends operate the Library library Bookstore and hold an Annual Used Book Sale, as well as several Silent Auctions throughout the year. These raise needed funds to purchase library materials and provide programming that could not be funded through other sources!

Rome Library Silent Auction Items for January – February 2017 

The Friends of the Library is offering the Rome community three new and exciting showcases in our first Silent Auction for 2017.  We have “All About Italy” in our outside showcase.    There are some beautifully illustrated books in this showcase.  The other two showcases inside the Library near the doorways to the Friends of the Library Book Store contain collections about the “American Space Program” and “Black History”.  All the Silent Auction items are from book donations to the Friends.  For a complete list of the books offered in the three showcases, please check the Library website,

The Silent Auction will close Saturday, February 25, at 4pm.  There will be no bids accepted after this date and time.  Be sure to check the collections in all showcases.  All proceeds help our library.  Get your bids in early!


Membership or Volunteer Opportunities:

If you would like to join the Friends, print Friends of the Library Membership Form here, complete, and mail with appropriate check made payable to:

Friends of the Library
205 Riverside Parkway NE
Rome, GA 30161