Public Computers

Public computers are available to all patrons and located in various areas on the first floor.

Patrons may use the public computers to:

  • Browse the Internet
  • Send and receive email
  • Chat with others around the world
  • Watch online web programs
  • Complete online assignments
  • Listen to music, etc.

The Sara Hightower Regional Library is not responsible for information accessed on the Internet. Some information may be found offensive, inaccurate, or inappropriate by individuals. Use of the public access computers means that patrons must agree to use appropriate discretion when viewing materials and refrain from displaying material on a terminal when so requested by library staff.

Internet use must comply with library rules. Please read:

Library System Rules for Conduct/Behavior
Internet Use Guidelines
Children in the library Policy

Libdata Controls

Our computers are very popular and very heavily used. All our computers are controlled by Libdata time and print management controls.  Patrons must have a valid card to log onto the system or see staff for a valid guest pass.

Express Computers

An Express Computer is convenient for quick tasks like checking e-mail or Internet searches. Only 20-minute sessions.

Printing from public computers

All computers are networked to a pay for print station. Please go to the Reference Desk to identify and pay for your print. YOU MUST PAY FOR ALL YOUR PRINTS WHETHER INTENTIONAL OR NOT. Please use print preview on computers before you print, so you will know how it is going to be printed.  The library is not responsible for how your prints come out.